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Why we need Arnub Goswami's new venture- REPUBLIC?

Yes Elvis has left the building officially, arnub goswami is no more the editor in chief of times now, he was the part and more to say was the heart of the channel as his show news hour brought up 60% of the ratings of the news channel.

Now, arnub has given a hinting statement about his new venture the Republic which he claims to be the first purely independent channel which will go global as BBC and CNN, can this be the answer of India to the world of news? Well it is, as for now there is no news channel in India that is of global coverage 24/7.

Arnub has also reportedly said that most channels based in Delhi are somehow if not directly are politically backed. What this means is that the viewers get to see what is in interest either of political house or the big industrial of our country. Yes you have read it right we don't see the whole truth, we see only the fabricated surface.

Republic on the other hand will not have its base in Delhi but in Assam which will not be boxed by the politics of center. The channel is supposed to run without any powerful money lenders but will purely be based on the rating, which we think will not be a problem for arnub as he can shout his ways to the ratings.

India is in its changing phase we need more transparency with government and the commoner and an unbiased and independent channel like republic can be the answer to this. The channel will come on air by the first quarter of 2017 before the elections of Uttar Pradesh comes in play.