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English Idioms with Hindi meanings part 2| इंग्लिश मुहावरे व कहावतें भाग 2

S.No.IdiomEquivalent HindiMeaningExample
1.Great cry and little woolऊँची दुकान फीका पकवानज्यादा चिल्लाने वाली भेड़ जो कम ऊन देती हैAfter a lot of calls to that hotel, receptionist attended one; the hotel is like great cry and little wool.
2.A drop in the ocean.ऊँट के मुँह में जीरासमुद्र में एक बूँदWhatever you give to the poor, it is like a drop in the ocean of poverty problem; we need to solve it in some different way.
3.Diamond cuts diamond.काँटे से काँटा निकलता है ।हीरा हीरे को काटता है ।You need some wordplayers to reply to wordplay of opposition; after all, diamond cuts diamond, you know.
4.To Go in vainखोदा पहाड़ निकली चुहियाव्यर्थ जानाThey created whole the building but their effort went in vain as they came to know that the land was planned for a road.
5.When in Rome do as Romans do.जैसा देश वैसा वेशजब रोम में हो तो वैसा ही करो जैसा रोमन लोग करते हैं ।We need our government in all states, by hook or crook.
6.Burnt child dreads the fire.दूध का जला छाछ भी फूँक-फूँककर पीता है ।एक बार जला हुआ बच्चा आग से डरने लगता है ।We did not ask the injured player to play in difficult situation, because a burnt child dreads the fire.
7.Between two stools one comes to the ground.धोबी का कुत्ता न घर का न घाट कादो स्टूलों पर चढ़कर जमीन पर आ जाते हैं ।Our political leader changed the party and lost election next time; indeed, between two stools one comes to the ground.
8.To run at a snail's paceनौ दिन चले अढाई कोसघोंघे की चाल से चलनाGovernment made a good plan for area's development but beurocrats are executing it at a snail's pace.
9.A day after the fair.ब्याह पीछे बारातमेले के एक दिन बाद पहुँचना ( काम में देर कर देना)।They prepared an electronic system to control the crowd but it was supplied a day after the fair.
10.To turn deaf ears on someone's wordsकिसी के शब्दों पर कान न देनाकान नहीं देनाDefence Minister had warned the village of the attack, but village head turned deaf ears on his words.
11.Bramble brings forth thorns only.बोये पेड़ बबूल का आम कहाँ से होय ।जैसा कर्म करते हैं वैसा ही फल मिलता है ।He did not teach good manners to his children; and now children are mistreating him; bramble brings forth thorns only.

यदि आपको ये लेख पसन्द आया हो और आप ऐसे ही मनोरंजक लेख आगे भी पढ़ना चाहते हों तो सब्स्क्राइब बटन दबाएँ ।