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English Idioms with Hindi meanings | इंग्लिश मुहावरे व कहावतें

S.No.IdiomEquivalent HindiMeaningExample
1.Every nook and cornerकोना कोनाहर कोना या हर स्थानThey searched every nook and corner of house for the golden ring.
2.To go hand in handसाथ साथ चलना या संगत होना
संगत बैठनाMathematics and Physics go hand in hand in certain chapters of school.
3.While awayसमय व्यर्थ गँवानासमय गँवानाDo not while away your time on social media.
4.Blow your nose.नाक साफ करनानाक साफ करनाBefore delivering speech he cleared his nose by blowing, inside toilet.
5.By hook or crookजिस किसी तरहयेन केन प्रकारेण, साम दाम दंड भेद किसी भी तरहWe need our government in all states, by hook or crook.
6.Answer the call of natureमूत्रत्याग या शौच के लिए जानालघुशंका या दीर्घशंका निवारण करनाWhenever a sensitive issue comes, he goes out to answer the call of nature.
7.Have a feather in one's capउच्च उपलब्धि होनासर पर ताज रखा होनाHe is not only prime minister but also strongest party head, so he has two feathers in his cap.
8.Keep the wolf out of door.भुखमरी से खुद को बचाकर रखनादाने दाने को मोहताज होना, लाले पड़नाBengali families were hardly keeping the wolf out of door during famine.
9.Throw cold water on someone's pelasureकिसी की खुशियों पर ठंडा पानी डालनाखुशी पर बुरी नजर डालनाHe throws cold water on our pleasures every time we come out to enjoy.
10.To turn deaf ears on someone's wordsकिसी के शब्दों पर कान न देनाकान नहीं देनाDefence Minister had warned the village of the attack, but village head turned deaf ears on his words.
11.Stop short of somethingथोड़े से रह जानाज़रा से पीछे रह जानाHe just stopped short of beating me when I accidentally kicked him.
12.Being busy doing nothingसमय बर्बाद करनासमय गँवानाThe leader was busy doing nothing, and people were suffering.
13.To be touchedभावविभोर होनादिल को छू जानाWhen the Prime Minister talked to him in the crowd, he was touched.
14.Room for improvementसुधार की गुंजाइशसुधार की जगह होनाThough we are satisfied with your work, but there is still room for improvement.
15.Chicken heartedडरपोकडरपुक्काAlthough he is careful of enemies a lot, but he is not chicken hearted.
16.Chuckle in their sleevesछिपाकर हँसनाखिखियानाWhen the boss asked them for the work again, they chuckled in their sleeves.

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